PORTLAND, OR (May 10,2018) – Thanks for the generosity of donors and the Steelman Family Foundation, Kira Fullington is 14 years old and is completely dependent on her family for her care. She’s 100% wheelchair dependent. She needs to be transported in her wheelchair both due to her size and the fact that transfers need to be kept to a minimum due to her steopenia (weak bones). Kira also deals with seizures and autonomic dysfunction making long transportation times on public transit difficult as she often is unable to regulate her body temperature. Kira comes with a lot of “stuff,” meaning she has a trach and is vented, so oxygen tanks go everywhere that she goes.

The Fullingtons have had nothing but trouble their current wheelchair accessible van. Their mechanic has been working on for months and is afraid it’s beyond help. This leaves them unable to transport Kira, their daughter, for anything other than medical appointments, for which they use med transport Last summer, their van broke down and left them standed. For most of us that’s an inconvenience, but for Kira, its life-threatening.

In 2008, the Fullington family moved from Idaho to Oregon to get Kira access to better medical care at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. They moved in with Ken’s parents as they were getting to a point of needing help with the house. Ken, Kira’s father, is 100% disabled with significant mobility issues in his knees. In addition to being a full-time caregiver to her daughter and husband, Mrs. Fullington also provides full-time care to her sister-in-law.

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About Steelman Family Foundation
René Steelman, founder of the foundation, has six children. Her youngest was born with severe
disabilities and has cerebral palsy, rendering him wheelchair-bound and unable to speak. We are
dedicated to helping families with non-ambulatory children under the age of eighteen, acquire
wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our mission is to help families with children diagnosed with a permanent
disability participate in community, recreational, or everyday experiences as a united family. SFF also
supports events to benefit cerebral palsy education and activities. We support families across the
United States. To learn more, visit www.steelmanfamilyfoundation.org.

About United Access
Established in 1997, this small, privately-owned and operated company has grown into the second
largest provider of accessible vehicles and products across the country. United Access partnered with
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